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SAMPLE FAX COVER SHEET NAME ADDRESS OF INSTITUTION DATE TIME TO FAX FROM PHONE EMAIL Number of pages including cover sheet MESSAGE Please verify receipt of document by calling the above telephone number. DISCLAIMER The information contained in this facsimile message is intended for the sole confidential use of the designated recipients and may contain confidential information* If you have received this information in error any review dissemination distribution or copying of this information...
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W. Milan, Jr. S T A R T The Federal Trade Commission is the Federal Trade Commission for the District of Columbia and several other United States territories. Our docket number is. The Federal Trade Commission is a 28 CFR Part 255 public-use file located at 4chan.f...(Signed) M.B. LOCKETT, JR. The Honorable Daniel K. Killed, Jr Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce ______ Committee on Financial Services Wednesday, March 3, 2002 Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Government Waste, House of Representatives, Washington, DC 20515 Dear Member [Your Name], I am writing regarding recent developments concerning the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) investigation of Cairo, Inc. In general regard the FTC's investigation of Cairo involves its compliance with the Communications Act and its use of DFS technology with which it was allegedly in compliance with that Act. Although Cairo is not being investigated for actual violations of the Communications Act, this Letter is addressed to the FTC in an effort to clarify Cairo's compliance with the Communications Act. The FCC issued a Statement of Policy on Interconnection with DLS in 2002. According to that policy, an ISP and an affiliate-cable company shall not allow customers to receive DTV content from any source other than that affiliated company. On March 11, 2002, Cairo announced that it would be allowing subscribers to receive its programming and other programming from a number of Internet streaming services (i.e., DFS providers) at no cost. Cairo has filed a petition in the United States District Court seeking a preliminary injunction to prevent Cairo from entering into the agreement with the DFS providers. Please be advised that Cairo's agreement with the DFS providers, which exempts it from the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC's) restrictions against the retransmission of television signals, raises a number of issues regarding the FCC's responsibility to regulate the conduct of DFS providers to ensure that competition is not harmed through anticompetitive business arrangements. In this letter, I am asking that you request from the FTC an explanation of how the FCC's position on the issue of retransmission permits this service to be delivered over the Internet. In particular, please refer to the statement of policy issued by the FCC dated February 25, 2002 (“Statement of Policy”).
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Hi everybody my name is Joe Sullivan today I'm going to demonstrate sending a fax through to Cisco routers and one of those Cisco routers is connected by a t1 cable and a t1 cable goes to an Adrian and that Adrian then connects to an FX s port on the actual fax machine itself, so this is a router it has a t1 provisioned on it let me go here, and we could just do it like a show run on this router so is show run alright, so this is my telephony configuration for this device alright and the relevant information here is that contained in the dial appear, so they have two routers and are connected via a Sarah serial cable here and this address here to 2400 to is the neighbors serial IP address and yet specify the Kodak which is g.711 you Lon to connect between those serial interfaces that's a VoIP connection and out of this device I have a t1 that's 00 23 that t1 has a destination pattern an incoming call a number of 555, so I have two devices one is 555 and one is 55 56 thousand to one is 5 5 5 45 55 554 44 and so that's the incoming call a number on that it's allowing for 555 4444 and destination pattern 555 6002, so I have four digits all through the PBX, so I'm going to do is some tea one, so we're just going to go ahead and view the dial-up here on this guy I'm going to show ISDN status first look at mighty one is active and then show Ron let's begin at dial up here which is my dial appears there, and then I'm going to do your show debugging I'm going to say debug VoIP top here all and show debugging I want to see I want to see when I dial from the other facts' oh that's going to be interpreted for the dial-peer plan it's all right here is the fax machine and what I'm going to do is go to the other device and generate a fax into this device and when it dials through you're going to see this it takes about four minutes to scan a document, so I'm going to go and pause the video and dial the number ok so the document scanning and one of the interesting things I'm going to do with this is I have two Cisco pods and are connected and between that Ethernet connection I'm doing a port spanning I'm going to drop in some facts traffic to Wireshark I'm going to spec that Wireshark traffic capture, and I'm going to try to replay the tones that are generated for the facts so that commence scanning and like to do is light tilt this down a little so if I can move closer to this window and see when that window becomes active and receiving a fax alright, so this is the tile pier it's just dialing a number, and it's looking for a voice match I have it set to ring two rings and then pick it up that's a tone for toning it this is seen that light blinking in the corner it's receiving a fax so a dial peer tag to worked as an outgoing dial-peer so if I do, she'll run begin dial-peer tag to point it to the t1 interface it's going out to t1 so that that call is routing to the t1 from the router to the Adrian supplies the analog capabilities to the fax machine before I...


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